How effective is Facebook advertising

How effective is Facebook advertising? The real power of Facebook ads

  • May 2, 2019

So, How effective is Facebook advertising? Nowadays, Every marketer is moving towards digital marketing, it’s like a boom in this era of marketing. So, Facebook advertising is also a part of digital marketing that’s come under social media marketing.

Now the question is what is Facebook advertising?

How effective is Facebook advertising
Facebook advertising

It is the part of the social media marketing that’s come under digital marketing. Through Facebook advertising let us show our ads to all targeted and selected Facebook and Instagram users or audience.

So there are so many questions those come in mind like:- how to create Facebook ads?, Facebook advertising cost? Is it cheap or not? What is Facebook advertising algorithm? How can we target Facebook audience…etc?

NO, NO, NO no need to worry about those question because I started this blog only to solve all those types of question like How effective is Facebook advertising? and to make you able to create, setup, optimize and run our own Facebook ads for your business, services, etc. And that’s why I decided to guide you complete Facebook ads tutorial by using one by one blog post.

So, how effective is Facebook advertising? (why should you use Facebook ads) and the following points will tell you the power of Facebook ads.

How effective is Facebook advertising
Facebook ad
  • If you are going to show your Facebook ads to all over the world then you will cover 2.24 billion( last updated Jan 2019 ) people that’s 29% population of the complete world population(7.6 billion, last updated March 2019). And now, you can think about your Facebook and reach.
  • Here you can target any specific location of the world and on the basis of the audience’s interest, behavior and demographics according to your ad keyword. Here you can find your competitor audience and target them as well.
  • The most important thing to know about How effective is Facebook advertising? is you can run your ads very cheaply here compare to other online advertising platforms. A very wide and huge audience in very cheapest budget with very narrow and specific targeting features. Now, Who don’t wanna show his ad at the Facebook platform that’s why there are more than 3 million active advertisers on Facebook. It doesn’t mean that you can’t show your ad to you targeted and selected audience you can do it easily if you have nice understanding and skill to Optimize, manage and run your Facebook ad.
  • There are 1.67 billion (source: mobile daily active users (Mobile DAU) for December 2018, an increase of 24% year-over-year. You can take benefit of this growing market of mobile users.
  • You can create here your own custom and lookalike audience to decrease your CPCs and generate more and more ROI.
  • If you have an E-Commerce website and you wanna generate more and more sales then, You can do this here by using Facebook Catalogue like features that really help to show your all products of your website on your Facebook ads and you can use carousal ads for your advertising for best ROI.
  • By using Facebook you can target Instagram audience as well by using the same targeting and selecting options. So, you can reach out to the Instagram audience as well with the Facebook audience.
  • If you want to create brand awareness or reach out your ad to more and more audience then How effective is Facebook advertising post is only for you. There is no other perfect advertising platform than Facebook. You can get more and more interaction and engagements of the audience here for your post, page, etc compare to advertising platforms.
  • There is Facebook video plays growing 758% year over year (source: and that’s why video ads really give a boost of engagement than another type of ads.
  • You can use apply here Re-targeting as well for better conversion rate.
  • You can find here 40 million+ (source: active small business Pages on Facebook. That’s why it is a very fast growing social media marketing platform and take advantages of this.
  • There are lots of fans like a page to know and research about that business, services, and goods. So, why don’t you run your ad on Facebook? Run ads on Facebook and take advantages like others.
How effective is Facebook advertising
Facebook advertising

If you are looking for brand awareness, Lead Generation, Post engagements, Video views, App installation, Website, and landing page traffic, reach out to more and more audience with low budget for ad spent. Then, Facebook Ads is definitely perfect for you.

The most important thing is Understanding the Facebook algorithm and parameters to run your ads with high relevancy. And if you do your work under Facebook advertising policies then you will not get any issues during run your ad. The purpose to write How effective is Facebook advertising? the post is to make you learn more and more about Facebook effectiveness.

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Understanding the use of Facebook ads

There are so many online advertising platforms to run ads but Facebook gives you an ability to run your ad in very low budget so, here you can advertise your business in very cheapest amount compare to other platforms. Here you have the right to optimize your ad and manage your bid. We can set out the advertising budget as we want and can change that any time later.

As I told above normally it is a best platform for those advertisers who want to make a brand for his business, for his fame, and who wanna create awareness of anything, who wanna reach out to more and more people to tell them anywhere all over the world so they can do this very cheaply here because Facebook audience is a very vast friends and How effective is Facebook advertising post is perfect for them.

But if we talk about advertising for web traffic, lead generation, sales, and conversion then first we need to understand the Facebook ads algorithm, strategies, optimization, bid management, ad relevancy and implement them in Facebook ads setup or management. After this, we can generate passive revenue by using FB advertising.

How effective is Facebook advertising
Facebook advertising

Because, In this era of the digital world and mobile everyone use Facebook for time pass, relationship, for connecting to each other, etc. So, We should know about that How effective is Facebook advertising . Here, already they don’t have any desire or purpose to buy your goods and services usually they come online to upload any post, to chat with someone, to connect with each other they don’t have any willingness that “I am going to Facebook to buy something” as people think about So, We are to first make them persuade and create a willingness to buy our service and goods, to convert them by using lots of Facebook strategies after they come under our warm audience or ready to buy and convert for our business.

That is why I say learn first  before applying. With this post how effective is Facebook advertising I start Facebook ads blog series and you all will learn everything about Facebook advertising.

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